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Something Digital

Something Digital


Redeye was proud to attend the first ever Something Digital event that celebrates Brisbane’s digital ecosystem and the incredible people that power it.  The marketing team was able to gain valuable insight into the growth of technology in Brisbane and globally with experienced, innovative international speakers.

As a start-up company, Redeye was specifically interested in finding out why Queensland is the perfect place to build a start-up company, then scaling it globally. Redeye has transitioned out of the start up phase and is scaling globally. The overwhelming consensus from our discussions was that people and community participation is what drives this movement. We have a diverse pool of talent in a city that is big enough to attract significant investment but is at a size that allows organisations and people to form close, lasting relationships.


Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer for the City of Brisbane spoke of how she was in Singapore, but the conversations she was having didn’t have the same level of excitement and inspiration like the one she was having in Brisbane.  Cat mentioned that the conversations that we are participating in are not only about the technology we are able to develop but how they are going to be used by people on a wide scale. As CDO, Cat is responsible for the digital development of Brisbane. If you wish to see her vision of the city, see the Digital Brisbane Strategy here.

Laura Campbell, a partner for Deloitte Digital told us that she remembered the times when there were only about 10 people meeting in pubs to discuss all things digital. These small origins have paved the way for a larger community. The quality of data is still the most important factor when innovating in a heavily regulated market, we can use technology to make processes faster, but we can’t take shortcuts.

Marek Kowalkiewicz is a professor and chair in Digital Economy at QUT believes that there is a lot of support in Brisbane, not only from the government but others in the industry. The community is not just conversations with start-ups, but larger organisations as well.  The community feeling is a huge attraction for people and companies to get behind the vision for Brisbane to be a world leader in Digital innovation.  Marek leads QUT’s research agenda to inform and influence a robust digital economy in Australia.

Adam Bonnifield, VP of AI at Airbus is impressed by the diverse group of enthusiasts of all levels and organisations from around the world that are contributing to this experience. Adam believes that start-ups are key to innovation, where they approach problems in a unique way. From his experience, he urges larger companies to utilise the niche software that start-ups can offer. Innovating in heavily regulated industries is difficult. When transforming processes, not only is the resistance from internal cultures that techniques that have been developed over years, then adding the expectations of governments can make it extremely difficult. Adam’s advice is to walk before you run, invest in data engineering and data cleaning before you invest in breakthrough technology.

Redeye is honoured to be a part of this growing industry and is eager to see the development of Brisbane as a world leader and innovator in the digital industry. Overall, we think it is a very exciting time to be an innovator in technology within Queensland.

We would like to give a Special thanks to Bright Conferences for organising the event. If you wish to find out more about the event, contact us here.