Invite Unlimited Staff and Contractors to View the Same Data

To ensure the health and safety of all site visitors, contractors and consultants must be aware of their responsibilities and are often required to complete documentation before they arrive on site. With unlimited users, all teams and contractors have access the same version-controlled information, with visibility over the qualifications that employees and contractors hold.


I have a legal supervisory responsibility for everyone I invited onsite. Our previous system [before RedEye] was designed for staff to access critical safety documents onsite, but not for people that needed to access documents remotely, or contractors onsite for short-term contracts.

Electrical Engineer, BMA Peak Downs

Prepare Contractors Prior to Onsite Work

Protect version-control and prepare third party contractors by providing controlled access to safety information, schedules, checklists, permits, engineering drawings, and communication tools before they start the job. 

Standardise the Work Performed

Keep a record of certifications and maintenance history when working with different contractors. Leverage structured inspection data to gain insights and create dashboards.  


Fast-Track Markups by Connecting the Office with the Field

Configuring best practice processes enables automatic notifications for your drawing office or design consultants when changes are made in the field. 

While we’re solving a global problem, each client has unique requirements. Schedule a discussion with an expert in your industry.

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