View Data from Multiple Sources in a Single Interface

Choose standalone functionality or integrate with various data sources including RedEyeDMS, ERPs/EAMs, finance software, IoT devices, SCADA, and more, to view asset operations and maintenance data in a single interface. 


“The analytics we’re able to glean from RedEye and the dashboards we create come as an advantage to preventative maintenance. Unless we’ve got the same manager handling the same issues, the observations can be lost.”

Craig Stack, Managing Director, Knight Frank Townsville

A Standalone Solution for Mobile Workforce Management

As tasks are scheduled and completed, a rich dataset is built in real-time that reflects the history of an asset. It can include the results of planned and reactive work, safety inspections, audits, and training, which can be used to make better decisions in the field and in the office. 

Connect Existing Software and Systems Together in a Single Interface

A public Application Programming Interface (API) enables integration with any system including finance, engineering, planning, or data collection software to maintain a single source of truth, accessible in a simple user-friendly interface.


Integrate with RedEyeDMS to View, Edit, and Share Engineering Drawings and Data

Empower maintenance and project teams to access the latest version of a drawing or 3D model using intuitive search rather than navigating a decades-old folder hierarchy

While we’re solving a global problem, each client has unique requirements. Schedule a discussion with an expert in your industry.

Workforce Mobility

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