Streamlined Operations & Maintenance Across Print and Digital Using QR Codes

With QR Codes, teams can build a live list of an asset’s associated engineering drawings and data and affix a QR Code to the asset or work pack for quick reference in the field. Unlimited staff and contractors can then log into the common data environment to view real-time updates and complete work.


“RedEye lets us go from carrying big files in the field to just an iPad. So you’re talking a project that could span 30, 40, 50, sheets – it’s all on one iPad they can access it at any time. RedEye also helps us with our sustainability because we cut down the amount of paper we use. We’re going green and our footprint that the district has will shrink substantially.”

Robert Mayers, Engineering Inspections Supervisor, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Create a QR Code for Every Asset

After creating a “saved search” group for an asset, a QR Code can be generated to reference the list of associated information with changes updated in real-time.

Quickly Access Asset Information in the Field

Affix the QR Code to the physical asset or printed work pack to retrieve the full list of version-controlled drawings, documents, or media on any smart phone or tablet.  

Share a Custom URL with Internal Teams and Contractors

Generate a shareable link for internal teams and contractors to directly access the Saved Search in RedEyeDMS 

While we’re solving a global problem, each client has unique requirements. Schedule a discussion with an expert in your industry.

Engineering Data and Drawing Management

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