Markup Drawings and View History in Real-Time

Markup drawings in-app without the need for costly, complex authoring software. View version history, visual timeline, and compare tools, with the ability to share updates with your team in real-time.


“RedEye automates that whole markup process from beginning to end… Ultimately that means a safer, more productive workforce.”

Mark Brownley, General Manager Field Services, SA Power Networks

Work On Any File Type Without the Need for Source Software

Upload artefacts and add them to workflows depending on the type of file and how it will be used. Link any type of file to an asset such as a maintenance manual or safety information.

View the Complete History of an Artefact

Compare versions to view changes that have occurred over time, visual timeline including changes to metadata fields.

Easily Review and Approve Marked Up Drawings

View drawings that you’re working on outside of RedEye, check them back in using the upload tool.

While we’re solving a global problem, each client has unique requirements. Schedule a discussion with an expert in your industry.

Engineering Data and Drawing Management

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