Improve Business Processes with Automated Workflows

RedEyeDMS facilitates and automates complex business processes. In a predefined sequence of configurable steps, organisations gain full visibility across team activities, control user access, and maintain compliance through automated workflows. 


“We chose RedEye to collect the documentation and the knowledge that was created during the project to hand over to operations. It’s easy and fast to implement and something we can turn on as a software-as-a-service. Configuration is quick, the learning curve is low and having access on mobile and any web portal meant that when we were spread across the world as we were at the start of the project, everyone had access to the information as it was being created and reviewed.”

John Ebbett, Project Director, Alacer Gold Corp

Gain Full Visibility Across Team Activities

Configure workflows based on actions including markups, reviews, drafting, hold steps, and approvals and see the progress of a drawing or file in real-time. 

Assign the Right Person to Specific Actions

Each action can be assigned to a specific person or group that is permitted to complete the step. Set automated notifications, reminders, and escalations triggered by actions or inactions in the workflow.  


Continuously Improve Business Processes

Work with our team of experienced subject matter experts to understand current processes, nominate best practice workflows, identify areas for improvement, and support training and change management.

While we’re solving a global problem, each client has unique requirements. Schedule a discussion with an expert in your industry.

Engineering Data and Drawing Management

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