Digital Transformation for
Asset Owners and Operators

As organisations evolve, projects, sites, assets, and teams can change. Our digital transformation team operate as an extension to your business, helping you to achieve project outcomes for long term success.

Business Process Reviews

Understand current business processes, nominate best practice workflows, and identify areas for improvement.

Data Improvement

After the initial upload, scanned files such as PDFs, TIFFs, and JPEGs can be even easier to find with completed metadata fields.

Digital Engineering Standards

Break down silos and drive consistency across contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and vendors, throughout the asset lifecycle with a complete set of Drafting and BIM Standards and templates.

Collaborative Development

For clients that need to solve a specific problem, there are collaborative design and build opportunities to leverage emerging technology and ensure that the solution is fit-for-purpose.

Training and Change Management

Manage change within your organisation, equip your team with the skills required to manage a digital engineering platform and stay up-to-date with new functionality.

Digital Engineering Consultant

Access experienced resources on demand as projects and initiatives require them.

“I have been truly impressed with how quickly everyone was able to grasp the roles and the players of all work groups involved. In every meeting, the RedEye team would call people by their name, reference their work group, and even accurately repeat their workflow process. It just goes to show how much they listen and truly understand their part of the process.”

Engineering Services Manager, WaterStart

How We Help

Digital Transformation

Scoping Study
Understand how engineering data is currently managed and how teams and contractors complete work and share information. Develop a solution and confirm scope and deliverables.
Complete system configuration, user acceptance testing and a training program for relevant teams. Access change management support including communications, workshops, and a personalised Go Live event.
Ongoing Success
Access specialists in digital engineering services, training, and product support to leverage technology solutions that support changing business objectives.

While we’re solving a global problem, each client has
unique requirements. Schedule a discussion with
an expert in your industry.

“It was far more cost-effective to use RedEye and freed us to get on with the more important things. When we look back and see how far we’ve come, the benefits of RedEye and data improvement are clear.”

Senior Draftsman, OK Tedi



Rob Foster

GM Customer Operations

Jason Lancelot

Technical Director

Zack Gerard

Technical Consultant

I can’t recommend RedEye more highly. They are unique in their approach to helping a business transition to the DMS product and are dedicated to working closely with the business to ensure the uptake and use of the system is successful.

Project Manager, Infrastructure

Developing a Business Case for Digital Transformation

How to turn silos into connected business units and calculate the ROI for your organisation.

Have a question?

Download and share the RedEyeDMS Fact Sheet with your team.

Supporting solutions

Engineering Data and Drawing Management (RedEyeDMS)
Water utilities manage decades of drawings all aspects of project information. With these aging assets requiring updating, the ability of using the knowledge of an aging workforce is diminishing, but the correct management of project data and engineering drawings becomes more crucial. RedEyeDMS digitises data from multiple locations and file types into a single data management solution in the cloud.
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Mobile Workforce Management (Workforce Mobility)
With pipelines spanning counties and states and plants connecting them all together, efficient asset operations and maintenance depends on a cohesive mobile workforce and the right information. Workforce Mobility connects internal teams and contractors with asset data, and work oriented task information, enabling work scheduling and completion and real-time issue management to be achieved all from a cloud-based app, purpose-built for the field.
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Digital Twin
Combining as-built 3D models with operational data, Digital Twin accurately predicts failures and potentially reduces downtime by 60 per cent.
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