RedEyeDMS is a cloud-based engineering drawing and data management software-as-a-service that improves productivity and safety by ensuring the most up-to-date asset information is easily accessible from the field and in the office.

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Bring together disparate teams, processes, and systems.


Cleanse, store, and improve version-controlled data.


Work on engineering data regardless of internet connectivity.

Workforce Mobility

Workforce Mobility connects people with assets to manage any type of O&M activity. Standalone or integrated, Workforce Mobility collates information from multiple sources into a single user interface to build a deeper understanding of an asset’s health.

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Build upon asset information from the field on any smart device.


Create templates and workflows for teams to complete any activity.
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Raise issues from the field, capture media, and alert key personnel.

Combining as-built 3D models with operational data, Digital Twin accurately predicts failures and potentially reduces downtime by 60 per cent.

As your organisation evolves, your sites, assets, and teams can change. Our team operate as an extension to your business, helping you to achieve project outcomes for long term success.

Information security is a priority at RedEye, as owners and operators of critical infrastructure store, search, and manage their engineering operations and maintenance data in RedEye solutions. This page outlines how our systems and our client’s data is suitably protected.

Developing a Business Case for Digital Transformation

How to turn silos into connected business units and calculate the ROI for your organisation.

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