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RedEye Oil & Gas Update

RedEye Oil & Gas Update


With the oil prices so low, many of the companies and people we know and care about are working really hard to cut costs, drive productivity and transform their businesses. Our whole team is committed to helping.

Times like this require significant measures which often force people to rethink their entire business, everything is on the table.

It’s times like this where innovation can really help.

How We Can Help

We’re helping E&P, Mid Stream and Down Stream companies, drastically reduce operating and maintenance costs with our cloud based engineering data management solution. Everyone know’s that quickly finding the right version of your engineering plans, manuals, checklists and other associated documents is painful.

This challenge is caused because most companies use document control, GIS, CAD or Project Management software to store and manage their engineering drawings and data. Those systems are designed to do something else and they aren’t easy, intuitive or functional when it comes to working on, managing and sharing engineering data.

We all know that people keep local copies of their data to avoid wasting time and getting frustrated. This creates lots of data duplication and often leads to no one knowing who’s got the latest version. This is often the root cause of safety incidents.  It can also cause project or maintenance mistakes which end up costing companies significant money.

RedEye solves this problem because it is the first purpose built engineering drawing and data management solution for companies that own and operate large assets and critical infrastructure.

  • Imagine always being able to quickly find and work on the right version of your data; mark-up, share, review, approve and manage your engineering drawings and data at your desk and in the field on yourApple or Android device.
  • Imagine being able to improve, fix or add new metadata in bulk or individually to your engineering drawings and data.
  • Imagine being able to quickly and easily link your data together, to projects, to assets and into groups.
  • Imagine being able to quickly and easily invite other people from any company to work on your data with you, at no extra cost.
  • You’re imagining what RedEye users are doing everyday. To find out how RedEye can help your business click here.

These simple capabilities are literally generating millions of dollars a year in productivity savings. RedEye is a quick win, most clients achieve a payback period within 3-6 months and are making real bottom line savings in year 1.

Our team is committed helping our clients transform their businesses. We will partner with you and your partners to help you deliver cost saving and business transformation programs.

To find out more about how RedEye could help you, please get in touch with our team in BrisbaneHouston or Singapore or checkout our website: www.redeyeco.wpengine.com