Yarra Valley Water engineering information secured with selection of RedEye as preferred partner

Brisbane, QLD, Australia – 17th April 2020 – Melbourne’s largest water utility, Yarra Valley Water has enhanced their engineering and maintenance services by consolidating vital drawings needed to support their network with RedEye’s award-winning cloud technologies.

In a competitive tender situation, RedEye’s engineering drawing and data solution, RedEyeDMS, was selected to consolidate data, provide mobility and workflow improvements for Yarra Valley Water.

By de-duplicating the information and linking specific data to each drawing, then providing a fast method of search and retrieval, Yarra Valley Water will have all the information required for servicing, upgrading and replacing vital water assets from not only in the office, but in the field.

Michael McGee, Chief Commercial Officer for RedEye said “We are thrilled that RedEye and Yarra Valley Water are embarking on such an important project together. This continues our well recognised support of critical asset owners in securing their engineering drawings and data for field teams, engineers and management.”

“Yarra Valley Water is the 4th client from within the water industry to contract with us using the RedEyeDMS solution during the last 6-months” concluded Mr McGee.

This further strengthens the Australian based software company as a leader in engineering drawing and data management solutions

For more information contact: info@redeye.co

About RedEyeDMS

RedEyeDMS (DMS) is a cloud-based engineering drawing and data management software-as-a-service that improves productivity and safety by ensuring the most up-to-date asset information is easily accessible from the field and in the office. DMS has an unlimited volume of drawings, documents or media that can be stored, catalogued and searched. DMS allows, organisations to unlock the potential of their as-built data and mobilise their workforce in a more productive and safer manner with a simpler and faster engineering document management solution

About RedEye Apps

RedEye Apps was named Queensland’s #1 Startup by LinkedIn in 2019. They are reinventing the way people work by providing digital engineering solutions for companies that own and operate complex assets. RedEye’s cloud-based and mobile-focused Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms offer solutions for asset and work management. All solutions are built with, not built for clients. RedEye Apps provides a single source of truth for all engineering documents and connects the office to the field for optimal issue, maintenance, and workforce management.

Some of RedEye’s clients include Snowy Hydro, BHP, Alinta Energy, SA Power Networks, Transurban, Queensland Children’s Hospital, New Plymouth District Council, as well as Southern Nevada Water Authority, which controls the Hoover Dam. Together with their clients, RedEye Apps manage in excess of $200billion of the world’s assets.

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