Accelerate Work Completion with Digital Maintenance

Accelerate Work Completion with Digital Maintenance
Using your asset data to drive greater maintenance outcomes

Here’s an industry secret: digital maintenance isn’t just filling out forms on your smartphone. Reductions in asset operation costs, regaining control of unused data, and boosts to productivity, don’t come from the commonality of iPhones and laptops in your workplace. True value lies in connecting the office to the field through digital solutions.

While few companies are doing this optimally, the organisations at the top of their field are turning to emerging tech to stay competitive. To join them, you can implement digitisation through the collection of data to drive greater maintenance outcomes. While maintenance reports feature data that can help individuals and organisations make more impactful decisions on an asset’s health, the reality is that this data lives on papers that pile up over decades throughout an asset’s life.

Organisations are losing critical operational data with no simple way to find or utilise it.

RedEye gives the control of data back to organisations. In the palm of your hand, you gain access to all related asset documents, checklists, and forms from any location. Assets have linked information in an easy to manage hierarchy, unifying data and becoming more relevant as you work.


What does this mean for your workflow?

For maintenance managers, it’s vital that you equip your field workers with the right information in order optimise your asset’s health. When a worker starts a job, field teams will have access to the entire data-set linked to the asset they’re inspecting. Your team will have complete oversight over:



Know where your assets live, viewable in a map-view on all mobile and web platforms.



Damaged parts and problems are reported in the issue views section. This allows you to document and attach media files such as images, video, and audio from onsite, providing realtime visibility back to the office.



Tag your assets and jobs with searchable phrases and metadata, allowing you to add unique values to any item.



Add audio, video, or images to any job or issue. Sometimes it’s too difficult and time-consuming to describe issues in words. Media attachments allow you to create an accurate and complete story from any location.


Documents and Forms:

Templated inspection forms and engineering documents are available on all mobile platforms. This ensures routine checks and inspections are completed to the standard you expect.


Creating a single source of asset data finally gives you the insights you need to understand your asset health and work history. With the ability to visualise your work completion data, you’ll be able to identify patterns and begin taking preventative action.

If you’re unsure how to implement digitisation to drive greater maintenance outcomes, our team are always happy to consult with you and answer any questions.

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