“Why I Love Working at RedEye” – Julia, Intern

“Why I Love Working at RedEye” – Julia, Intern



Three things I love about working at RedEye:

  1. Culture
  2. Moving the Needle
  3. Challenge

RedEye promotes three strong values: I’ve got your back, I get shit done & We’re making a difference. Altogether, they sum up what its like working at RedEye – a supportive environment, challenging yet fruitful workload and creating a difference through innovation. RedEye strives to build a engineering data management software with you, not for you.


The number one reason I love working at RedEye is the culture, the people. If you are going to be working at a company for at least eight hours everyday, it is important to feel comfortable at work. Similar to Google, RedEye has many perks of being named one of Queensland’s fast growing start-ups.

For starters, RedEye hosts monthly ladies lunch, in which inspirational woman come share their experiences. In February I was able to join Sharon Doyle, Managing Director and Owner at InterFinance, showcase her success story and act as a mentor for all kinds of women at RedEye trying to create their own success story.

In addition, RedEye’s open office arrangement deteriorates hierarchical barriers and instead allows a healthy support system to flourish. This inclusive nature allows co-workers to build bonds and share open communication with one another, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. Thus, even as an intern, I feel like a hands-on contributor and unquestionably share my ideas and queries to grow the business.

One reason why the culture is so strong at RedEye is because of dedicated team bonding activities that relieve the stress of working in a fast paced start-up. For example, twice a week employees like myself gather together for a boot camp work-out in the park. Similarly, on Fridays RedEye holds team bonding experiences like Bubble Soccer. Not to mention the office ping-pong table has served as a quick break, to replenish my creativity when I need a break. Finally, a drinks tab has been established at the coffee shop below to help all of us keep our energy levels high.

Moving the needle

RedEye is constantly working to move the needle, determined to make a difference. It has built a business around trying to solve a current problem. As a result, this creates a huge market opportunity. Employees realize that our work really does make a difference which breeds a sense of responsibility and empowerment essential to work satisfaction. This factor holds such an importance that it is listed on all desks as one of RedEye’s core values, “We’re making a difference”.

The RedEye team constantly collaborates to deliver advanced solutions for current asset performance problems. Even as an intern, I had a chance to work with high-level management on real issues pertaining to important projects. RedEye is able to achieve these results by being surrounded by driven, passionate individuals. Employees adjust to RedEye’s entrepreneurial framework by mimicking its open minded structure and problem solver attitude.


Working at RedEye is a challenge. Like all start-ups, employees must be at ease with a fast-pace changing environment and learn to deal with spontaneity and flexibility. Considering the Brisbane base only has 32 people, sometimes job roles intertwine and you will find yourself doing something outside of your comfort zone. As a team player, I enjoyed the diversity of work and the ability to overlap on different matters kept me always on my feet so I didn’t have time to get bored. Each new challenge at work allowed me to learn something new and challenge myself in different career aspects.

RedEye rewards employees that take new challenges, push themselves and succeed, by naming a “Superhero of the Month”. This creates a culture that rewards determination and encourages everyone to constantly challenge themselves. Employees are also encouraged to send emails with their weekly achievements and show progress on their work, from which everyone can support and offer any help. Overall, working at RedEye is a satisfying challenge everyday.






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