Waterline Projects Appoints RedEye Co-Founder Randall Makin as its First CEO

Waterline Projects Appoints RedEye Co-Founder Randall Makin as its First CEO

With industry growth seeing Waterline Projects double in size in just 12 months, the Brisbane engineering company has now appointed its first CEO, Randall Makin.

Randall co-founded RedEye with Wayne Gerard in 2012, which has since become one of Australia’s fastest growing startups and the first SaaS company to make engineering data truly mobile.

“There’s some great things happening in the digital engineering space and I look forward to strengthening the partnership between Waterline and RedEye to drive innovation within the industry,” says Randall.

Wayne says Makin has played a vital role in overseeing the creation, evolution and strategic direction of RedEye.

“Waterline Projects has gained a valued leader and CEO in Randall. He’s been pivotal in evolving and scaling the RedEyeDMS and RedEyeWFM solutions to help our clients take control of their engineering data,” says Wayne.

“Randall has also helped accelerate our expertise around digital engineering, including the establishment of our Digital Engineering Advisory Board.”

Randall will continue with RedEye as a member of their Product Steering Committee, providing valuable insight into the needs of an engineering firm and continuously improve RedEye services.

RedEye is a global company with tier-one clients in Government and across the water, power, cities, resources and healthcare industries. Clients manage more than $150 billion worth of assets using RedEye solutions.

Wayne (left) and Randall (right), back when it all began


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