Top 8 Tips: Scheduled Maintenances Helps Protect & Enhance Value of Assets

Top 8 Tips: Scheduled Maintenances Helps Protect & Enhance Value of Assets



Planned preventive maintenance will protect and enhance the value of assets. Typically reactive maintenance is 60-70% less efficient than planned and scheduled maintenance. Turn your maintenance management into a proactive rather than a reactive system with these tips:

1. Latest Version

Keeping the latest versions of your drawings, manuals, procedures, control philosophies etc. in one place will not only save time but also increase productivity.

2. Estimating

When scheduling time to complete each task ensure the estimates are based on the person who will be doing the job not on the experience of someone who may be an expert at this. Newer team members may take longer to complete the task.

3. Training

Ensure all personnel are adequately trained to carry our any scheduled and assigned tasks. Utilising a cloud based collaborative platform like RedEye will increase the efficiency of contractors as they will have up-to-date documentation ahead of time.

4. Choose the Right Platform

To reduce downtime, where possible, break the entire job down into separate tasks that can be done by different teams of personnel and run in parallel. Selecting an easy to use platform provides the necessary transparency required for multiple work groups to work in tandem to complete projects as a unified team.

5. The Method

Provide your maintenance personnel with an effective method for scheduling and tracking preventative maintenance. RedEye’s Workforce Mobility Solution allows tasks to be assigned to field staff and issues and progress are tracked in real time.

6. Timing

Allocate enough time for recording, updating & reviewing information. This will allow the team to determine the success rate and identify areas for future process improvement. Having personnel use RedEye’s IOS and Android Apps to find, markup, approve and share drawings improves the productivity and efficiency of those carrying out maintenance tasks.

7. Forecasting

As unplanned/ breakdown maintenance is unpredictable, try to build in “ spare” time into the production schedule to handle such work. Schedule periods for planned maintenance based on what must be done, what should be done in the near future and what would be nice to do; any unplanned maintenance can then fit into the nice to do or near future categories

8. Maintenance Calendar

Create a maintenance calendar for the next period (week, Month, quarter) by equipment and/ or location. This can be useful to visualize and identify what items can be rescheduled or grouped together to reduce equipment downtime or identify conflicts due to production/ operations deadlines.

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