The new RedEyeDMS dashboard

The new RedEyeDMS dashboard

We released our new admin dashboard a few weeks ago and have received some fantastic feedback. So, we thought we better let everyone in on the fun.

The dashboard you now see when you login looks a lot different (and is a whole lot more useful). Here are some of the improvements we’ve made:


Taking co-worker rivalry to the next level, you can now gamify your drawing management. Aim to become the top user in the bucket and thrust your foes aside as you climb towards power RedEyeDMS user status. Or simply see who’s doing what.

With the new leaderboard widget you can see:

  • what other users are doing in the system
  • who has performed the most actions (views, uploads, approvals, check-ins, check-outs, metadata updates and folded artefacts)

It’s a surefire way to increase productivity and maybe spark some office competition…

Leaderboard Widget
Leaderboard Widget

Latest Activity

Keeping you informed on what is taking place in your groups/buckets, the latest activity widget lets you see:

  • Uploads
  • Approvals
  • Check-ins
  • Check-outs
  • Markups

This will help to maintain your Single Source of Truth (SSOT) and provide visibility into drawings changing or being created. This feature, combined with the tools already in RedEyeDMS will make sure you’re always in the know.

Latest Activity Widget
Latest Activity Widget

Data Quality

Understanding the quality of your data isn’t only for doc controllers. The quality of the data in RedEyeDMS is relevant to each and every user as it helps you find the drawings you need, fast.

For this reason we have included a new data quality widget for both bucket admins and users. This bad boy will allow you to:

  • View artefact Data Quality scores for the selected group/bucket (Data Quality score represents the amount of essential metadata that is set on artefacts in the group/bucket)
  • View the breakdown of essential metadata for a group/bucket. (For example 56% of artefacts in the group have a ‘Revision’ set)
  • Click on a piece of essential metadata to view artefacts missing a value in the search page

This is a key feature providing everyone with transparency and insight into the quality of the data making RedEyeDMS so useful.

Data Quality Widget
Data Quality Widget

My Artefacts/My Groups

Quick access to your most used features is paramount in any system that is used every day. We’ve included a widget to do exactly that – providing you access to your favourite artefacts and groups right from the dashboard.

My Artefacts
My Artefacts

Simple Search

For such a seemingly simple feature, the value is off the charts! With the new dashboard search you can:

  • Initiate search right on the dashboard, specifying groups and saved searches
  • Have your top results displayed right there on the dashboard
  • Have the option to follow up with advanced search to further filter your results

This means less clicks and more action for you and your team.

Simple Search
Simple Search


Now, it may not be exciting for everyone but we at RedEye love feedback. For this reason we’ve included a simple widget in the dashboard to give our users a voice. We’ll be gathering feedback on the dashboard and in the future, for any new features or additions.

Please get involved and give us feedback. It helps us to make your life easier. 🙂

Feedback Widget
Feedback Widget

My Tasks and My Weekly Usage

The my tasks widget helps you to keep track of the actions you need to take, right on the dashboard.

The widget will (for the currently selected group):

  • Let you view your tasks (approvals, outstanding drafts)
  • Allow you to go directly into the drafting or approvals tab
  • View your actions for the week
  • Check your performance from last week to this week.

You can thank us later (hopefully via the feedback tab).

Outstanding Actions
Outstanding Actions
My Weekly Usage
My Weekly Usage

Overall we think this dashboard is a killer release for everyone. Whether you want to see the status of your bucket/group, easily access your most used features or whip the leaderboard into a frenzy, there’s something for everyone.

What’s your favourite new feature? Hit us back in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or in the new feedback widget (hint, hint).

P.S. If you haven’t read it yet, our release manager wrote a killer blog on writing interesting release notes. In hindsight he probably should have written this post… maybe next time.

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