My Internship with Tech Scale-Up RedEye Apps

My Internship with Tech Scale-Up RedEye Apps
What’s it really like to intern at a scaling tech-company? Meet Pilar Rovira. Pilar spent her summer working alongside our North American team as a Sales and Marketing intern with RedEye Apps. She supported our global team across email campaigns, lead generation and management, CRM updates, and attending pitches and conferences! Here’s what Pilar had to say about her internship with RedEye Apps. 


My summer internship as a Sales and Marketing Intern was probably not like most. RedEye’s competitive advantage of tailoring relevant, and unique experiences for their clients carried over to my internship experience. From Day 1 I was asked to share my goals for the summer to make it the most worthwhile experience. Looking to learn about sales, marketing, and strategy, I was given the opportunity to wear many hats, providing me with a challenging yet growth-oriented environment. Each day was different, allowing me to dive into a variety of daily activities ranging from creating reports for Google Analytics to creating industry-specific content and sitting in on important client meetings.

RedEye on the road! Left to right: David VanderSchee (President, North America), Stephanie Cheng (Customer Success Manager), Pilar Rovira (Sales and Marketing Intern), and Shaun Six (Energy Industry Lead, North America).

In addition to the business experience I gained, something I will take with me to my future jobs is RedEye’s cultural values. My first day at RedEye, I was introduced to the pillars they strive to embody: we’ve got your back, we get sh*t done, we’re making a difference. By the end of the summer, I found that these weren’t just words on a PowerPoint, rather, they were mottos exemplified through the team’s daily actions.

The values and business experiences that pushed me to grow this summer, will be relevant until the day I have my own intern. I want to share three of the values that really defined my experience.


“I’ve got your back.”

The first week I was there I was individually welcomed by each team member, giving me a sense of immediate support. But actions speak louder than words. And they certainly stand by their word at RedEye. Even though some of the team worked in a different time zone, they were always willing to help. Anytime I had any questions whether it be about industry best practices, or how to use a certain data analytics tool there was always someone that had my back.

Even if someone couldn’t help me in the moment, communicating why they couldn’t or when they could was crucial.  A company succeeds in the long run by having a common goal and supporting your teammates to achieve it. Having an awesome support system also allowed me to be curious, ask questions, and learn quickly. By the end of the summer, I was executing email drip campaigns and curating content for our target audiences.


“Be frugal.”

In today’s environment, it is important to do what you can with the resources you have. Not having all the resources that more established companies provide pushes you to be creative and find different ways to achieve your goals. Having a small team and making sure we use our resources efficiently pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be creative, with the resources I had. It also showed me the importance of being an advocate. Make the most with what you have, but if you believe there is something that is needed to catapult the company’s efforts, overcome the obstacles by proving what you believe and becoming a catalyst for change.


“Be inclusive.”

Pilar, Steph, and David on-site.

As an intern, being included in weekly strategy and report calls gave me a front-row seat into the inner workings of the company while gaining real-life work experience. I had the ability to advocate for what I believed, by contributing to systems and processes and adding value to the company. I had the opportunity to be in a working environment where my voice was heard, which is extremely rare at my age and experience.


Overall, this summer at RedEye was one of growth, opportunities, but most importantly gratitude. I am grateful to have gotten the chance to work among such an intelligent team that drives home its cultural values and cares for its interns and its team.


RedEye is the first purpose-built cloud solution for managing as-built data for organisations that own and operate critical infrastructure. Together with our clients, we manage over $200 billion of the world’s assets. We’re reinventing the way people work by making the world’s as-built data more available, usable, and available. 

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