Scheduling work just got easier!

Scheduling work just got easier!

Scheduling work is hard. There are so many things to think about, your software shouldn’t be one of them.

RedEye is proud to announce the release of the latest feature to RedEyeWFM – visual scheduling!

Over the past 12 months the team at RedEye have carefully listened to the requests of our users, and one thing that was repeatedly asked for was visual scheduling. As part of our ‘build with not for’ approach to development, we’ve created some great new scheduling functionality.

What’s new?

The new functionality will simplify scheduling for asset owners, facility managers and service providers. This makes the previously complex task of re-scheduling easy, with drag and drop functionality and automatic notifications to those involved.

The new scheduling tool features:

  • Drag and drop scheduling and rescheduling
  • Calendar view to allow visual perspective of works
  • Filter to view calendar layout by people, assets or locations

How does it work?


Say you need a new powerpoint fitted in your building. All you need to do is drag a standard template onto the calendar tool for the date and time you need. This automatically notifies your service provider of the work and schedules the job.

Scheduling a template in RedEyeWFM

Resourcing and asset allocation

Need to see what work is scheduled for each asset or person today? Simply filter by asset or resource and you’ll see a live schedule with up-to-date progress.

Scheduling by Location in RedEyeWFM


Maybe your plumber is running late, which will impact your electrician, so you need to reschedule them. With the new RedEyeWFM scheduling tool, you’ll see the real time progress of your plumber and, once the conflict is identified, drag and drop to reschedule the electrician, instantly notifying them.

Rescheduling a job in RedEyeWFM

Why are we adding this?

The schedule view of RedEyeWFM helps managers understand the workload of staff and contractors, and utilise any available resources more efficiently. The schedule displays all scheduled and completed works in one intuitive and simple screen, and the drag and drop capability ensures that on the fly changes can occur with a clear and concise plan that is automatically communicated.

We’ve added this functionality to:

  • Have real time and accurate information visually displayed in a single location
  • Logically visualise the calendar from different perspectives
  • Simplify the scheduling and rescheduling of resources
  • Ensure people understand what jobs they have scheduled, where and when
  • Visualise and proactively manage interdependent works

The Schedule view is now available in the web application of RedEyeWFM, accessible from the sidebar.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback.

Note from the author:

Hey all, we’re making some changes here at RedEye to make sure our apps provide maximum value to you. On that note, I’ll be your RedEyeWFM Product Manager, along with Tom Newby our RedEyeWFM Development Lead.

We’re working hard on some really great features and improvements. You’ll see a rapid rate of change and we want your feedback. Talk soon, Hayden.

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