Survey Reveals 70% of Engineers Can’t Find the Right Drawings

Survey Reveals 70% of Engineers Can’t Find the Right Drawings

Keeping the world’s assets operating with: Simple Artefact Search.


Problem: Ineffective Search Process for Locating Documents 

How long does it take your staff and contractors to access the latest information? We surveyed 100 critical infrastructure organisations, and over 70% of engineers reported that they cannot easily find and verify the latest drawing. If your workforce cannot quickly locate and verify the correct information, your organisation will suffer from unnecessary downtime and an increase in the severity, frequency, and likelihood of safety incidents.

Search inefficiency is the consequence of years of data and documents being spread across multiple locations, within convoluted, uncontrolled systems. Most of these systems don’t show the complete document title, have restrictions around the way you can search, or return confusing results that can’t identify the latest revision.


The Consequences: 

  • Cannot quickly verify details in an emergency, increasing the frequency or severity of safety incidents. 


“P&ID’s or electrical schematics are critical for our PTW system and the safe isolation of energies. There have been some near misses with the lack of accurate and hard to find drawings”

– Electrical Engineer. 


  • Increases time spent locating and verifying the correct data, reducing your organisation’s productivity and increasing downtime.


 “The entire control system upgrade…was done with the wrong version of drawings because the correct versions were hard to find. Impact was 2 months delay in the Unit RTS”

– Process Engineer. 


“We couldn’t find the right drawings related to a piece of critical infrastructure on site, and those that were available were not correct. So we ended up paying 2 engineers for 6 months to re-draft everything – sadly these are now uncontrolled and beginning to deteriorate.”

– Operations Manager. 


The Solution: 

Business processes must be improved to support an effective search function that is both user-friendly and efficient, regardless of the size/format of your dataset.

RedEyeDMS’s core functionality is ensuring the right person can securely find the right drawing anywhere, anytime, on any device, with minimal training. To maintain the sovereignty of your dataset for the future, changes to the information are captured in real-time to create a complete, auditable history.

Our search system merges basic and advanced features into one streamlined tool, allowing you to oversee your data at a glance and retrieve information quickly and simply:

  • Search the way you prefer, by metadata, tags, location, groups, etc.
  • Streamlined, easy to use interface.
  • Refine your search by adding and removing metadata as you wish in the one location.
  • See your data at glance with thumbnails previews.
  • Visible document edit history
  • Infinite scroll, allowing you to browse data more naturally
  • Favourite groups, accessing data you need more easily
  • Utilise our data improvement services to make your searching even more efficient


Use Cases: 

Wesfarmers Curragh

Using the tools available within RedEyeDMS, Wesfarmers Curragh (one of Australia’s largest independent coal mines) were able to make the following improvements:

  • 81% of hard copy drawings were linked with native files (i.e. AutoCAD) Curragh had available, significantly reducing the ongoing cost of re-drafting
  • 10% of drawings now have red-line mark-ups, meaning they were identified as not current to the physical equipment
  • Over 32,000 new searchable metadata fields were added, improving accuracy and searchability


South Australia Power Networks

Through the implementation of RedEyeDMS, 91% of SAPN users could easily find the latest changes with RedEyeDMS compared with just 10% prior to implementation.


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