How Technology is Enabling Remote Work for Asset Owners and Operators

How Technology is Enabling Remote Work for Asset Owners and Operators
A recent report by KPMG referred to the impact of bushfires and the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses and workers, stating that, “the risks of a deterioration in economic performance over at least the first two quarters of 2020 is very real.”

Coronavirus is impacting our economy and the way we work. For organisations that own and operate the power, water, healthcare, mining, and infrastructure assets that communities and economies rely on, one of the biggest challenges is continuing asset operations and maintenance and project delivery amidst travel bans, self-quarantined staff, and supply chain disruptions.

In the same way that videoconferencing technology is enabling companies with an office-based workforce to minimise travel and implement work from home policies, organisations that have onsite teams and third-party contractors are leveraging engineering data and work management technology to continue operations and maintenance activities both in the field and in the office.

Organisations across a range of industry sectors (shown in the above image) have recently adopted cloud-based asset operations and maintenance solutions, choosing RedEye for its purpose-built functionality for critical infrastructure, and its efficient training and implementation that can be handled remotely.  

The common challenges across a range of critical infrastructure sectors

  • Staff and contractors report that their existing systems are difficult to use and not suited to managing engineering drawings, 3D models, or other engineering information linked to data sheets, safe work instructions, operations and maintenance manuals, photos, and more. 
  • On-prem software is restrictive, preventing quick searches and field access to version-controlled information, and increasing safety risks, staff inefficiencies, and IT costs. 
  • Organisations experience increased compliance costs and could not easily demonstrate a safe work environment and activities when requested.  
  • Information is often lost between project handover and operations and maintenance and a solution is needed that supports data management across the entire asset lifecycle 

How asset owners are leveraging collaborative asset O&M technology

Since being founded in 2012, RedEye has been helping clients drive efficiency and improve operating performance across more than $250 billion worth of assets over 1,000 sites globally.  

During scoping studies with clients, RedEye’s subject matter experts use a range of tools, risk assessments, and audits to help capture the economic and safety impact of adopting RedEye’s solutions.  Clients report that the collected data is compelling, often leading to substantial cost savings and a payback period of less than 12 months.  

By leveraging collaborative asset operations and maintenance technology, RedEye’s clients will navigate the challenging economic landscape brought by Coronavirus and easily manage their engineering data and work activities anywhere, anytime. 

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