RedEyeDMS June eNewsletter

RedEyeDMS June eNewsletter


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  • 0:00 – Welcome
  • 0:21 – Improved search
  • 0:30 – New artefacts page
  • 0:50 – Conditional metadata – search for and find your data even faster!
  • 2:07 – The common data environment – soon you’ll be able to upload photos, videos and audio!
  • 3:01 – Working with our clients and stakeholders to form a product committee.
  • 3:21 Digital engineering at RedEye to support you!

The artefact page is here

You might have heard we’re releasing a new artefact page with all your favourite tools in one place.   The artefact page was developed in close collaboration with our clients and offers:

  • Improved layout to reduce scrolling and maximise your screen real estate
  • Updated design, putting all major tools at your fingertips
  • Easy access to view previous artefact versions
  • Automatically refreshed background markup, review, or approval submissions, and
  • Visualisation of photo markups submitted via the RedEye iOS app.

Watch the tour below or check out the RedEye ‘knowledge lab‘. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information and walk through videos.

Fast fact

What’s a common data environment? You’ll soon be able to add photos, audio and video and pin assets to drawings in RedEyeDMS. We call this the ‘common data environment’!

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