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RedEyeDMS iOS 11 Stability

RedEyeDMS iOS 11 Stability

Update: We are happy to advise that these problems are now resolved, and RedEyeDMS is stable on iOS v11. Thanks for your patience!

Original release:

With the recent release of iOS 11, there have been some stability issues reported with our RedEyeDMS iOS app.

Users affected: iOS 11 users

Issue: RedEyeDMS App crashes in certain circumstances for users who have upgraded their iOS device to iOS 11

Cause: The core animation library causes memory leak on the device

What are we doing?:

Our iOS team are investigating the issue with a high sense of urgency.

RedEye conducted extensive testing on early beta releases of iOS 11 and found no issues with RedEyeDMS.

The issue was only identified with the public release of iOS 11. With major iOS releases such as these, it is not uncommon to experience minor issues.

RedEye in partnership with Apple, will work to address the issue as quickly as possible.

Recommendation: In the meantime, we recommend postponing updates to iOS 11 on your Apple device until the issue has been resolved.

We’ll keep you up-to-date as we progress towards a solution.