The RedEye team uses creativity a bit differently every day

The RedEye team uses creativity a bit differently every day

How are you using your creativity in problem solving this week? It’s World Creativity and Innovation week – a good time to generate new ideas, make new decisions, take new actions and create new outcomes to make the world a better place.

Being innovative isn’t necessarily about the next big idea. You don’t need to be a startup firm to bring creativity and innovation to what you’re currently doing. Remember, “Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learned.” RedEye incorporates creativity into everyday work – whether it’s using resources frugally or developing a concept using LEAN methodology.

How to creatively test a product, RedEye style
The team recently had a RedEyeWFM test day that empowered them to walk in our user’s shoes by simulating their experience. The RedEye team trialled real-life situations by visiting sites around the Brisbane CBD to conduct inspections, collaborate and generate new work requests. Work has been planned and scheduled in RedEyeWFM for the team to execute, review and approve in real-time.

Justin, RedEyeWFM Technical Product Lead, said that creativity helps us to learn a lot about our product experience by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients. Especially coming from different parts of development and design, the test day helped us learn about different limitations of areas we don’t normally work with.”

“Also, we learnt that Bacon can’t walk that far.”

Creatively thinking up new ways to test RedEyeWFM on the go.

Field Testing Software









RedEye office pup, Bacon, enjoyed being carried throughout the test.

Field Testing Software









“The RedEye Amazing Race” – Functional product testing with a twist

The team also created an “amazing race” to combine product testing with a little bit of fun. Cryptic riddles to local Brisbane landmarks were loaded into RedEyeWFM as job steps.

Each team took a job step photo at each landmark with points for creativity. The progress of the teams was tracked in real-time, with the quickest team taking out the top prize.

Marc finding Roma.

Field Testing Software










RedEyeWFM Product Manager, Hayden, posing with a resident Brisbane kangaroo.

Field Testing Software











The RedEyeWFM team gained valuable insights into their product and the broader RedEye team were able to get their hands dirty, learning some of the new functionality first hand and using RedEyeWFM just as our clients do.

Learn more about RedEyeWFM here!

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