RedEye iOS App: Features

RedEye iOS App: Features

We are very excited for the launch of our new iOS App, just as we are excited to tell you all about our new features! Our aim has always been to facilitate the way you work with engineering, technical and architectural drawings. With the new RedEye IOS App you will be able to organise, find, markup, approve and share drawings on the go. Here are 4 features we are super excited about:

Review, approve and share your drawings on the go

Now you can edit and manage your engineering drawings anywhere on the go! We have worked hard to ensure that RedEye is accessible to you in every way possible – that means either onsite, in a meeting or in the plane, wherever your work takes you.

Markup your drawings online or offline

We’ve made it easier for you to markup your drawings; it can be done anywhere, with or without an Internet connection. Take your iPad with you and edit, approve and share your engineering drawings on demand, giving you strategic asset management full time. RedEye will automatically sync them when you are back in cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.

Never work off the wrong drawing again

Our advanced revision history ensures that you are always working with the right drawing version. You can review any of the changes as well as all of the submissions that it have been made. Days, months, even years of work can be viewed in a matter of seconds. Giving you full control of your digital engineering process.

Intuitive markup too

By the swipe of your fingertips, you can edit, markup and review your drawings without the hassle or mess of carrying around paperwork. Marking up your drawings has never been easier! RedEye was tailor made by industry professionals for effortless usability and quick action. You will be surprised at what you can achieve with the new RedEye markup tool.

The RedEye iOS App has been designed to suit your needs and your projects’ demands. Be the first to try our new iOS App and change the way you manage your engineering drawings.

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