Building future leaders with an awesome intern program

Building future leaders with an awesome intern program

Do you remember who gave you your first career break? RedEye has been lucky enough to give more than 25 interns real world experience and training in the past few years. Many interns have loved their first job at RedEye so much that they’ve stayed to grow their career.

Interns are a great way to give back to the community and grow your business. We recruit for a range of technical and traditional roles, including in the development and product teams. RedEye has some great interns onboard including Anton, Android Developer and Nick, Software Developer.

Nick’s story

Nick has been at RedEye for three months working as an intern software developer.

“Since day one I’ve felt very welcomed by everyone in the team and have always been encouraged to ask as many questions as I want, challenge any ideas and make a real impact to the company.”

“I spent my first few days going through tutorials, trying to understand the codebase and of course trying and failing to memorise everyone’s names. Shout out to my mentor Justin for always being happy to answer my many, many questions during this time and making sure I fully understood each answer before moving onto the next.”

“After the initial hurdle of learning the basics I was given a few small tasks (bug fixes, UI changes) to ease into learning how everything worked together, by the end of the first two weeks I was already pushing code that would eventually end up working in production after being checked over by the team.”

“Since then I’ve had the privilege of working on my own features, learning all sorts of new technologies and getting to collaborate with a fantastic team to build a product with real impact. I can wholeheartedly recommend this internship to anyone interested in growing within a company and learning as much as possible along the way.”

Anton’s story

Anton has been at RedEye for a month working as an Android Developer.

“However, for such short period of time I’ve gained tremendous amount of experience in technologies used to developing enterprise product and software development processes. What strikes me the most at RedEye is its culture and people.”

Let me tell you a little story about my first day at the office.

“I was a bit nervous the day before I started working at RedEye as it was my first job as a software developer. I had so many questions in my head: what if I’m not special or good enough? What if fail? But all my doubts were gone once I stepped into the office. I was welcomed by an amazing team. I noticed right away that people here are very open and ready to help you whenever you have problem or question. I would like to say special thanks to mobile team lead Corey who guided me and explained every step in details despite the fact that he was very busy with organising standups and keep building software.”

Definitely, I will recommend RedEye internships for anyone who wants to learn new things and work in amazing team.”

Tips for intern programs

  • Take interns through the full recruitment process to build their confidence and give them valuable experience. We do roundtable interviews and technical challenges. We look for people that can hit the ground running, problem solvers, and are the right RedEye culture fit!
  • Have a structured intern program if you can, but it’s ok if you don’t. Make sure your team has enough time to spend regular valuable time coaching them. We often run a four-week program to onboard interns, spend time with team members, understand RedEye and setup their environment, so they start off with a fantastic experience.
  • Treat interns exactly as you’d treat employees. RedEye interns are part of the team! Get to know interns – you never know what secret skills they might have!
  • Pay your interns to show how much you value them.

Grow your team with interns

  • Your own team can develop their communication, leadership, coaching and mentoring skills with interns.
  • Keep interns for a minimum of six weeks, so after they’re settled in they can really show value.
  • Interns are a great way to test skills and see if a person is an organisational fit for culture and values.

So you’ve read this article and decided you want to give interns a go. What next?

  • Get familiar with the Fair Work Commission, which sets minimum rates for different types of work, as well as regulating hours of work, leave entitlements and termination of employment.
  • Form relationships with your local universities. The best interns start at home, like RedEye did, and we have relationships across Brisbane universities, Griffith, QUT and UQ.
  • Take a minute to figure out what core activities you would like an intern to do in their role. Write a realistic position description to get the right person and manage expectations. We’re all learning!
  • Timing is important with intern advertising. Advertise early in the semester, or after exams. Get in touch with your local universities to see what intern programs and advertising they offer.

Yours in interning,

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