RedEye FoW interview with Monica Bradley

RedEye FoW interview with Monica Bradley

RedEye FoW interview series

Our speakers answering some serious and not-so-serious questions about the Future of Work—and their vision of it.

No. 5
Monica Bradley
Purposeful Capital

What are you most passionate about achieving this year within your role?

It’s time to shift my mindset. I get out of bed because I’m passionate about helping people—from startups, to government officials, to corporates. Even though I’m a Brisbanite, my time working in New York City and the Middle East has taught me that in order to play in this market, we need to have the right mindset.

What was your first job?

Flipping tasty Hungry Jacks burgers. I was actually 13 at the time, but I lied about my age because I really wanted to work.

How much impact does ‘workplace mobility’ have on your industry?

As far as I’m concerned, I believe workplace mobility will only have positive effects. It facilitates the wider participation of people, which is essential in the new world.


Monica Bradley—speaker at our Future of Work Conference.

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