RedEye innovators hack the water industry

RedEye innovators hack the water industry

The RedEye team recently participated in Australia’s first utility-led water hackathon, aptly named #WaterHack18.

Dave, Justin, Michael, Caleb and Jesse joined more than 100 bright sparks, which included developers, designers, engineers and scientists, to solve water industry challenges. Their challenge was to improve the perception of recycled water in the community, to encourage consumption.

Chloe from AECOM also joined RedEye’s hacker team, RenuWater.  The RenuWater team believed the best way to get Brisbane on board with drinking recycled water was to infuse it with the essence of a celebrity.  The team capitalised on strong market growth in the bottled water market to form a new solution. With famous bloggers and social media influencers having a bigger impact than ever before, celebrity endorsement was chosen as a key promotion strategy.

The innovative product – bottled fame –  infused water with the customer’s favourite celebrity. Queenslanders could pick the famous person they’d like infused with their recycled bottled water and drink the celebrity’s essence.

Will Smith must have heard the RedEye team’s as he just released bottled water that’s 82% made from renewable resources.

The team also had fun exploring futuristic topics about sustainability in a digital age, investing in smart networks, and the role of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

RedEye’s Design Lead, Dave, says he really enjoyed meeting so many new faces and doing some mentoring.

RedEye’s Technical Product lead, Justin, said it was really great to see bigger companies like QUU and the sponsors (AECOM, Aurecon and Deloitte) opening up their doors to crowdsource solutions for problems they haven’t solved.

“Sharing problems and innovating to find solutions is something the tech industry and open source communities have always done. It’s great to see it being applied in the water industry”, he said.

Water Hack was held at Fishburners in Brisbane, an innovative space for startups.

RenuWater team members Justin, Michael and Chloe.
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