RedEye Apps gains ISO 27001 Accreditation

RedEye Apps gains ISO 27001 Accreditation

Written by Wayne Gerard – Cofounder & CEO, RedEye

Security has always been important @RedEye_Apps. Since the day @Randall Makin and I founded RedEye we’ve been focused on improving our clients access, use, management and control of the intellectual property that represents their critical assets and infrastructure. 

Like all #startups we needed to deploy our scarce resources thoughtfully and into areas that would ensure our solutions and business could deliver the best value for our clients and maximise our potential of creating a long term successful global tech company. 

Security has always been one of those areas. Starting my career as an Army Officer and spending a fair amount of time in signals intelligence, I was acutely aware of the cyber threat our clients would face. When we saw a gap in the market and decided to create a purpose built solution for managing engineering and asset information for large complex asset owners, we knew we needed to demonstrate how our solution would provide greater security than our clients existing solutions.  

Our mission is to provide a SaaS platform that makes the world’s critical infrastructure asset data more available, useable, and valuableWe started RedEye in 2012, back then cloud and mobile applications weren’t a thing, in fact RedEye was BHP’s first cloud solution. It took a lot of work to explain why cloud was a better option and how we could provide better security, more control and more efficiency to these large conservative (rightly so) asset owners. Today cloud and mobile solutions are broadly accepted and more often the central component of a clients IT strategy. 

As demand for cloud solutions increases so does the cyber security threat, so RedEye has constantly evolved our security practices, procedures and systems. We take this responsibility very seriously and have been able to consistently demonstrate this.  

Gaining ISO 27001 accreditation is another step in a long security journey for our organisation and an exciting day for our team, who work tirelessly to look after our clients. 

RedEye’s purpose is to keep the world’s critical infrastructure operating. Today RedEye helps a number of the world’s leading organisations manage some of the most important and critical infrastructure on the planet. We will continue to invest in our platform and security to enable us to deliver our vision which is to make the world’s critical infrastructure safer, easier, and more efficient to operate and maintain. 

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