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Creating a safer, more productive Worksite at SNWA

About the project


SNWA member agencies serve more than 2.1 million residents in Southern Nevada. As the wholesale water provider, SNWA is responsible for water treatment and delivery, as well as acquiring and managing long-term water resources for Southern Nevada. The Southern Nevada Water Authority facility built in 1980. Over the course of their development they have had the pumps rehabbed in 1996, the entire electrical system redone in 2001, redid the landscaping and the smaller chemical feed piping from OFC and the electrical in 2006. This required 5 different contracts.

With large asset owners, there are humongous amounts of data and drawings. The problem is that drawings go missing, people retire. Contractors can often forget what gets done or information is lost in communication.

“The challenge that we had was capturing information on an up-to-date drawing.”
Greg Kodweis, Director of Infrastructure Management, LVVWD


The SNWA Desired future looks like:

  • All drawings stored in one location and accessible to all employees
  • Available on a tablet, in the cloud where its easily accessible and updatable
  • Reduce the amount of white paper and reliance on a few individuals who knows where the documents are stored
  • Increase in productivity by reducing the amount of time it takes to find and update drawings
  • One set of drawings per facility that all employees access
  • Can handle drawings on vellum all the way to CAD


SNWA intended to do drawings, ONM manuals, Facility operating manuals, any data needed to operate the system. After just the first upload of the data, there was 464,000 drawings in which over 100,000 were duplicates.

“We went from 464k drawings down to 351k by removing direct duplicates, a 24% reduction.
continues Greg Kodweis


Redeye came in and followed inspectors around, saw how engineers operated and accessed drawings. SNWA is looking at 450 man hours saved per month on just a 20 month investment.

“Time spent searching for drawings went from 10 minutes down to two minutes. Our information is now quickly accessible.”
concludes Greg Kodweis

Key lessons

  1. Easily accessible data allows for long term resource saving
  2. The ability to manage changes via a workflow in accordance with business processes and any regulatory requirements is crucial
  3. Long Search Time is a major problem to productivity
South Nevada Water Authority