Optimise your searches in RedEye with these Top Tips!

Optimise your searches in RedEye with these Top Tips!



Having difficulties finding what you’re after?  Not sure when to use Simple Search and when to hit up the Advanced options? Look no further!

Here’s my Top 5 Tips for Optimising your searches in RedEye:

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid!

In order for Simple Search to return the best results, you really need to keep your searches here simple, and, ideally, limited to one “string” – so one word, one drawing number, one metadata field etc.  

 RedEye Apps Interface

“Advanced” doesn’t mean “Complicated”!

Simple Search just not cutting it?  If the thought of building out your search with our Advanced options sounds too complicated, allow me to set the record straight!  Our straightforward UI makes building out your search string as easy as 123, ABC! 

Step 1:  Select your group:
Here’s where you narrow down where to target your search (select the Group and then search “IN Groups” to search only those groups, or select “NOT IN Groups” to exclude certain groups).

Step 2: Build your search!  You can select from as many or as few metadata fields as you want, and opt to either include or exclude from your search as you see fit!  

Save, Save, Baby!

Find yourself building out the same Advanced Search string alllllll the time?  Save yourself the hassle; save your search! 

RedEye Apps UI  

Another Point of View

Are you making use of the multiple search views?  RedEye has 4 to choose from! 

  • Map View let’s you view your geo-tagged drawings on a map overlay, so you can get directions to sites/plant etc. depicted in your drawings.
  • Like to see a lot of data? Check out List View – it allows you to display a more comprehensive volume of metadata on the page, and you can choose which fields to display (and which to hide).
  • Super visual? Our Grid View is for you!  A super-light thumbnail preview of each drawing or doc is rendered, allowing you to visually scan your search results for what you’re after.
  • An Inbetweener? Table View gives you the best of both worlds – all the essential metadata fields, with a handy thumbnail preview on the side

Sort yourself out!

Does your Bucket contain lots of multipage drawing “sets”, where the drawing number is the same across all the drawings and you want to see the different sheet numbers in order? Or, do you like to see what drawings are being updated by your colleagues most frequently?  Are you mostly interested in the Electrical drawings, but still want to see Instrumentation ones in your search results as well?  Changing your sort order might be just what the Doctor ordered! 
From List View, simply click on the Metadata heading to re-order the search results.

There you have it, my Top Tips for Optimising your Searches in RedEye. A data and drawing management software built with you, not for you.
And don’t forget that adding the drawings, documents and photos you access most to your Favourites means they’ll be readily available from your dashboard, sans searching!  

Have your own hot tips for searching?  Share them here and share the love!


 Tegan, RedEye Client Engagement Team






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