New Feature: Search

New Feature: Search

Over the past 6 months the RedEye team has been hard at work to ensure our users have the best search experience while using RedEye. We’ve developed an improved search interface with plenty of new features and a zippier, more modern look and feel while keeping the original functionality you know and love. The new RedEye Search Engine makes it faster and easier to find the right drawing, every time.

The new RedEye Search Engine includes all the original benefits of search with additional intuitive and highly optimized features. Users can find drawings by searching for any of the keywords in the drawing title, drawing number or metadata fields and by selecting a group (or multiple groups!). Some of the new exciting features include:

  • Updated intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Ability to select multiple groups in a single search
  • Natural language and fine grain search
  • Ability to save your “favorite” searches for future use
  • Download your search results

Here are some things we are excited about:

Updated and intuitive interface

  • Groups on the left, keywords on the right
  • Advanced search, fully customizable and easy to use
  • Quickly toggle preview on/off without reloading the entire page
  • Favorite drawings with one click
  • Define drawing status and metadata quickly
  • Select multiple groups

Actions tab is always accessible

  • No more scrolling to action your drawings
  • Quickly change between map, list, grid and table views
  • View and clear your stash with easily
  • Choose how many drawings you want to see per page and with one click, change pages

View your drawings on a map

  • Pin your drawings to map using an address or your current location
  • Quickly filter and find your drawings based on location

 For more information on the new search features watch the tutorial video and log on to RedEye here to check it out.

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