The search you’ve been looking for!

The search you’ve been looking for!

This is one of RedEye’s biggest releases yet! We are overhauling our search page to give you a more intuitive experience across a fresh new interface.

Search is essential to any data management solution. Like the world’s most popular search engines, a simple search connects you to a world network of knowledge. It is your gateway to a network of complicated datasets that is easily retrieved with simple combinations. The new search page will eliminate barriers to help you get to your data more quickly.

There are three key updates:

Simplified search

Search has been simplified by merging basic and advanced features into one clean tool. You will be able to narrow your search by adding and removing metadata fields as you wish in the one location. This will return more relevant results to each search you make, cutting down on the frustration of not finding what you need.

You may also have results that you will need to go back to, so spare yourself the trouble by saving the search. This will be saved in your left side panel, giving you quick access to bring your search results back up immediately.

Relevant information

Search results are now more relevant to what you need. Thumbnails have added preview details, document edit history is more visible, and browsing for data is more natural with infinite scroll. You will also be able to favourite groups so you have access to the data that you specifically need. This all gives you higher visibility of your data at a glance.

Improved look and feel

We’ve removed common pain points based on our customer feedback so you can have a more enjoyable experience overall. You will be able to swiftly browse through your drawings and more easily navigate across the entire product.

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