Leadership Offsite 2019

Leadership Offsite 2019

At the core of a high performing team is care. The more we care about our clients, our community and our teams; the more we can help and support each other.  This was a reoccurring theme at RedEye’s leadership offsite for 2019.

Last week, 30 emerging, technical and industry leaders attended the annual RedEye Offsite at Spicers Tamarind, Maleny. Over two days, we ran through our culture deck, our lessons learned from 2018, heard feedback directly from our clients who also joined us for a panel, spoke on the ever changing security landscape and worked with our respective teams to create a strategy for the year ahead.

In the past 8 years, RedEye has evolved significantly, we have increased both in clients and in team members, introduced domain knowledge areas such as digital engineering and streamlined industry teams and we are currently settling into our third office. Amongst the changes, the one thing that remains consistent to our success has been our culture.

Wayne Gerard (CEO) and Louise Vorpagel (Culture & People Lead) created our culture deck called Painted Picture when RedEye’s journey to success began. During day 1, Wayne facilitated a conversation with our leaders on the importance of our culture, what most resonates with them and how we can share our brand promise and mission with everyone we interact with everyday.

Wayne opened the floor and asked everyone to share what our cultural values meant to them. It was fantastic to see diversity in thought in action. As an example, our value of personality responsibility was unpacked as showing care for what you do, how you interact with your team members and your clients, being clear on what you have capacity to do and following through, never walking past an opportunity to do the right thing and owning it whether you’ve had a success or made a mistake.

Prioritising productivity goes hand in hand with our values of getting the right shit done, having a sense of urgency and taking personal responsibility. Our leaders agreed that we needed to approach meetings differently in order to become more productive. Brad Busch, Chief Security Officer at Macquarie offered many golden nuggets throughout the leadership offsite including this framework for running meetings. Brad recommends to identify the decision that has or will be made by looking at the facts, processing this information by understanding the impact on stakeholders and working together to take action on what needs to happen next. Our mining lead Olga Rukina stepped up as an internal champion to ensure we introduce this framework from now on to test the efficiency of our meetings.

At RedEye, it is imperative that we design and build with our clients to always have an open dialogue and better understand their pain points. We were grateful to have Greg Faulkner (Snowy Hydro), Peter Barnard (SAPN) and Michelle Love (Previously at Transurban) share their insights on their interactions and experiences with Redeye. For our clients, they mentioned how they loved agility, tenacity and integrity as qualities from our team members that were consistent across all interactions, how their team members look forward to when we come to visit their sites and how they RedEye evolving with their organisations. Our team felt supercharged after this discussion and realised the value of inviting more of our clients into our office to share their insights and experiences with our greater team.

After, we covered our lessons learned from 2018, updated our culture deck with insights from everyone, unpacked our client feedback, each team were allocated time to create an action plan for the year shaped underpinned by our brand promise and designed to accelerate our growth. Once all team concluded their action time, it was time to share our pitches with the wider team. At RedEye, we champion the notion of designing and building with our clients which extends to our team and team leads. Each team lead pitched the vision for their team with allocated time for feedback, questions and any insights from team members that would help build upon their strategy. A highlight was the first pitch from RedEye’s Team USA where our President David VanderShee, Oil and gas Industry Lead Shaun Six and Utilities Industry Lead Dave Shaw all shared their individual strategies for growth and concluded it with their mantra of we’re bringing fun, growth and oxygen as we are scaling to heights we have never been before!


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