Optimise Issue Management to Reduce Asset Maintenance Costs

Optimise Issue Management to Reduce Asset Maintenance Costs

Connecting office and field maintenance teams is the key to retaining data control in an organisation. Building an accessible and visible registry of issues will help reduce the cost of unforeseen downtime to your assets, improve worker safety, and simplify issue management. To optimise each of these outcomes, it’s crucial to select the correct system for your organisation.



As an asset’s health is defined by the range of issues that it has, it’s important that the true state of the asset’s condition is reflected by the data you hold so that issues can be tracked effectively. That’s why we consider it imperative that site workers can document and report maintenance updates when and where they perform their tasks.



With RedEye, you can reduce downtime with the ability to capture and raise issues onsite. Managing issues from the field allows you to collect more accurate data in real-time, or data that would otherwise go missing or unused. Utilising a combination of formats, such as images, video, audio, etc. you can tell the complete story.

Raising issues from the field is possible from any location. With offline support, you can work in environments with no connectivity (such as remotely or underground) and all of your work will be uploaded as soon as you are back online.


Single Source of Truth

This data synchronises to create one single source of truth, ensuring issues can be easily and accurately managed in the field or office. RedEye integrates into supporting systems, ensuring your EAMS and other operations continue to run smoothly in your organisation.



To make raising issues even easier for your field workers, you can create issue ‘types’. These are template forms you can create so there is consistency in the information that is being recorded. When issues are raised, the maintenance managers can make decisions in real-time and take appropriate action to resolve issues.



For maintenance managers, data is visually presented with dashboard widgets that can be user-configured to match your metric requirements. This delivers relevant insights to help you make smarter decisions on your asset maintenance. The dashboard insights can show data from any date range based on your ‘issue’ and ‘job’ status. With this data, maintenance becomes more predictable and cost effective.


With greater data visibility, accessibility, and auditability, your data becomes more valuable. Your operations can become more proactive, rather than reactive. While preventing downtime on assets helps to reduce costs, field workers also become safer by gaining clarity on the asset’s condition when they go to complete their work.

If you’d help optimising your asset issue management, contact us at info@redeye.co. We’d love to have a chat!

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