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iOS Workforce Mobility ‘Map Search’ release, and feature update

iOS Workforce Mobility ‘Map Search’ release, and feature update

The Workforce Mobility team have been hard at work improving the way you view assets and create jobs/issues, so I thought I’d jump on the camera to share the latest updates.

Map Search (available now on iOS)

The new map view allows you to search assets within a designated radius and filter by issues, jobs and tasks, so technicians can now locate any nearby assets and report on their status while on-site. You can also use map search to include directions to the asset to make sure your team travels to the right place at the right time.

Create Job (available now on iOS)

We’ve also released the ability to create a job. Simply select a template, fill out a form, and create a job all in your smart phone.

Issues v3 (coming soon on iOS)

And lastly, Issues v3, upgrading your ability to communicate issues and share critical data on the issue types you encounter. This is still in the pipeline but keep an eye out for this release in the very near future.

Check out the video below and if you’re short on time, jump to the feature that’s most interesting to you.

0:00 – Map Search

2:10 – Create Job

3:24 – Issues v3