New iOS update – Linking your asset data for a better mobile experience

New iOS update – Linking your asset data for a better mobile experience

When you’re in the field, you may come across issues or make observations that are often hard to document. During inspection or maintenance visits, paper processes and uncontrolled methods make it difficult for data to be captured and sent straight back to the office.

This means knowledge that could serve the rest of the company or the next inspector is not passed on and is consequently lost. While this knowledge may seem unimportant in isolation, the collection of these moments add up to build a critical history and understanding of the asset’s health and unique attributes, delivering data that can help managers make strategic decisions to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

In RedEye’s latest iOS update for WFM, the experience of capturing and sharing data from the field is much easier, allowing you to access all related asset information in a seamless workflow in your mobile app from any screen. Assets now have linked information, coming together to unify data and become more relevant to you.

If you choose a job, then you can add new or existing issues to that job to create a simple registry of linked data to help you onsite with your field issues. This means you will have access to the entire collected set of data surrounding the asset you’re maintaining, giving maintenance managers insight into the finer details that may traditionally be lost in communication. For maintenance managers, equipping your field workers with the right information is crucial in achieving the best outcomes for asset owners and maintenance teams.

Information that can be linked together include:

Location: Know where your assets live, viewable in a map view on all mobile and web platforms.

Issues: Damaged parts and problems are easily reported in the issue views, allowing you to document and attach multimedia files such as images, video and audio to effectively communicate onsite observations.

Attributes: Tag your assets and jobs with searchable phrases and metadata, allowing you to add unique values to any item.

Attachments: Add audio, video, or images to any job or issue. Sometimes it’s too difficult and time consuming to describe issues in just words. With our media attachments, you can tell the full story and collect data from any location.

Improving collaboration across field and office teams helps to enhance the quality of maintenance outcomes while reducing costs caused by ongoing issues.

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