Manage urgent problems with improved issue types

Manage urgent problems with improved issue types

We’re excited to talk to you about Workforce Mobility’s latest improvements in how you can report issues and defects onsite and quickly raise urgent problems.

Raising issues quickly can be the difference in saving thousands of dollars in maintenance and downtime. We have refined how you create and report issues on your mobile and desktop devices, creating a better and smoother experience for all users.

Using Issue Types; Administrators and Schedulers can template the fields that are visible on an issue by using attributes, ensuring that the right information is being collected, without overwhelming the user with unnecessary information. For the onfield worker, this means they can quickly bring up an issue type and add the required information easily. It can then be sent off right away to the assignees of the issue type. This will allow managers and operators to act quickly on the issue raised, rather than waiting for you to return to the office, submit paperwork, and then raise the issue hours after it has been noticed.

If you’re in an environment that does not have any connectivity, BUT you see a problem, you can still raise the issue offline and it will upload once you regain connectivity.

Raouf will walk you through it in the video below.


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