How does maintenance downtime affect your business?

How does maintenance downtime affect your business?

There are many factors that will determine the success of any business.  However, making fast decisions based off up-to-date accurate information is a key factor especially in critical times. This access to accurate information or lack there of can substantially affect downtime and seriously impede business success. Depending on what type of business you run, downtime will affect you in different ways. However, there is a common denominator for all businesses…

Unplanned Downtime = Increased Risk + Profit Loss = BAD

What kind of downtime is there?

There are two general causes of downtime:

Planned downtime is scheduled upgrades and routine maintenance of an asset. Planned downtime gives asset owners time to make sure all engineering drawings and information is accurate. Access to accurate information is important to prevent planned downtime turning to unplanned downtime.

Unplanned downtime is when something unexpected happens to effect the performance of the asset. The main causes of unplanned downtime are generally attributed to an engineering failure, natural disasters or by human errors made on site.  If the downtime is unplanned, having instant access to engineering drawings and information is critical to rectifying the problem and getting the effected asset back operational.  Every minute counts!

Do you know what your unplanned downtime is costing your business?


How does RedEye help minimise planned and unplanned downtime?

Redeye software as a solution will make all your engineering drawings and documents available and accessible to the asset owner.  RedEye is a cloud and mobile based solution, this allows access your drawings anytime and anywhere. You can facilitate critical decision making in real-time and increase performance and decrease unplanned downtime.


Gavin Tye – Marketing Development Manager

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