From Expansion Project to Operations: Managing Handover in Remote Turkey

From Expansion Project to Operations: Managing Handover in Remote Turkey

In 2015, Alacer Gold adopted RedEye to manage engineering data and drawings during their $700 million Çöpler Sulfide Expansion Project (ÇSEP) in North East Turkey. 

Now that the expansion project is completed, Alacer Gold and RedEye are ensuring the continuity of engineering data from the ÇSEP through handover to ongoing Operations. This involved merging ÇSEP data with legacy Operations data into one easily accessible data “bucket” – a single source of truth for engineering data and drawings. 

Çöpler Sulfide Expansion Project (ÇSEP)

Learn more about the adoption of RedEye for the Çöpler Sulfide Expansion Project in the video below.

Handover to Operations

Stages 1 and 2 of the handover were completed in April, followed by system configuration, data upload and transfer, and user acceptance testing (UAT) in the remote Erzincan Province in May. In June, David Shaw and Vince Muller from RedEye’s Las Vegas office visited the site in Turkey to complete final UAT, change management and user training.

With the ÇSEP complete, the Operations team, now responsible for both the existing, legacy infrastructure and the new expansion works, were bridging their drawing and document management across multiple systems. 

Alacer Gold previously used Sharepoint to manage the majority of controlled documents but it was a manual process. There was no access for external parties and no mobile phone access to view, edit and share data onsite.

“Before RedEye, there was a quantifiable time delay and expense in using site network drives. When our tanks are offline, we’re not processing; we’re not bringing gold through, so there is a real cost to that.” John Ebbett, Project Director, Alacer Gold

Repeating the proven success of the ÇSEP to overhaul their Operations data, Alacer Gold’s key executives were able to maintain the high data standards that already existed. Both datasets are brought together, while adhering to Operations systems, business processes, and metadata standards. 

For RedEye, this meant the vast majority of this project was to be completed remotely in North East Turkey. To optimize travel and time commitments from both parties, this involved:

  • 2 staff, 6 days on site 
  • A carefully planned and executed Transition Project, ensuring the correct merge of legacy data from the ÇSEP, and the upload of Operations documentation from Sharepoint.
  • Alignment of metadata, merging of workflows and business processes, and – most importantly – a complete record of all document history from the ÇSEP
  • “Train the Trainer” sessions – due to their location, and the language differences with most staff, we empowered their onsite doc control team to conduct their own training sessions
  • A detailed Customer Success plan – although we’d worked with them for almost 4 years, we needed to put in place one of our most detailed Customer Success plans, to provide as much remote support as possible, and guarantee success with our new users 

Key Takeaways

  1. Cloud computing is everywhere – even the remote Turkish desert
  2. Language is not a barrier to the successful adoption of technology and handover from Projects to ongoing Operations
  3. Documentation handover at Project Close-Out is absolutely critical 
  4. Mobility is great and offline mobility has proven to be essential 
  5. All business is global business

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