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Episode 26 – Discussing Expense Management Software with Steve Ehrenreich

Episode 26 – Discussing Expense Management Software with Steve Ehrenreich

Lack of control of business spending can lead to theft and fraud. Sorting through receipts is time wasting, cost inefficient and full of mistakes. There is a better way…

 This week we sit down with Steve Ehrenreich from PennyInc to talk about the progression of expense management software. Penny is a cloud based mobile app that is at the forefront of helping charities feed the homeless as well as working with organisations to manage business spending. Steve discusses the limitations of regular expenses management systems, the use of real time transaction tracking and card control.

3:32 – Penny Inc

8:11 – Steve’s motivation

9:10:  – Mobile Cause: Feeding the Homeless Campaign

12:25 – Penny’s Future

Find out more about Penny: https://thepennyinc.com/

Or connect with Steve on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steveehrenreich/

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