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Episode 25- Taking Businesses to a Global Scale with Pia Turcinov

Episode 25- Taking Businesses to a Global Scale with Pia Turcinov

“How do we get more Australian companies in the global market space?”

Companies often struggle to gain traction when they go global. Building narratives, hiring the right people and implementing the right structures are crucial to success.

Pia Turcinov joins Gav in Barcelona to discuss Global Pathways and NERA past success, and what they are building towards. Global Pathways builds relationships and connections, improves structure, and enables long term growth to grow businesses to a global scale. We caught up to discuss Global Pathways story and the future of Energy Resources.

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0:53 – Intro on what Pia is doing
4:30 – The Importance of Narratives to Businesses
7:04 – Global Pathways
10:19 – Progression of Companies
13:10 – Smart Australia Stand and NERA
17:41 -What’s Next

Find out more about Global Pathways https://globalpathwaysprogram.com/

Connect with Pia Turnicov on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/piaturcinov/

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