Episode 22 – Managing psychological hazards in the workplace with Rebecca Michalak

Episode 22 – Managing psychological hazards in the workplace with Rebecca Michalak

While there have been significant advancements made in workplace health and safety policy, we tend to forget about psychosocial factors. Organisations are starting to identify hazards in the workplace that not only cause physical harm, but psychological too.

With more than 15 years experience in senior management, human resources, and consulting roles in the private, public, and NFP sectors, we’re joined by Rebecca Michalak. In this podcast, Rebecca discusses aligning HR and WHS policy with psychosocial risk factor management; a strategy proven to reduce costs, and the risk of developing mental illness as a result of work or organisation culture.

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0:50 – A little about Rebecca

2:45 – Difficulty in measuring psychological hazards

5:27 – Curing the cause, rather than the symptom

10:32 – How workplace bad behaviours have changed in the last few years

13:58 – Communicating effectively in a workplace

15:32 – Bullying dynamics

21:22 – Common mistakes organisations make with wellness programs

27:09 – Importance of culture in mental health

32:00 – Mental Models

34:32 – Managing younger worker’s expectations

38:01 – How Rebecca helps organisations

40:40 – The cost of negligent human management


Connect with Rebecca: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rebecca-michalak-6a5b1115/

Reach out for expertise consulting from Rebecca and her team: https://www.psychsafeconsulting.com.au/

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