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Episode 21 – Human Strategy with Carrie Grimes Bohannon

Episode 21 – Human Strategy with Carrie Grimes Bohannon

The way we work is rapidly changing within organisations. Employers are beginning to recognise that people are one of their most valuable assets, and require a strategy to maximise their success.

For this episode Gavin is joined by Carrie Grimes, a director of Human Capital Consulting for Deloitte. Carrie is at the forefront of the transformation within the human resources sector as she passionately guides organisations to boost productivity through human strategy. Carrie discusses communication barriers within large organisations, improving productivity through better integrated work processes, and creating success for the future by bridging generations through mentorship.

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  • 1:42 A little about Carrie
  • 4:35 Taking a different approach to workplace planning
  • 5:50 Leadership, and offering different employee benefits
  • 7:38 Difference between US and Australian employee benefits
  • 8:40 The future of work
  • 12:45 Multiple generations in a workforce
  • 16:16 Effective leadership
  • 17:06 ‘Gig’ economy
  • 20:00 How emerging technology shapes our work
  • 24:30 Lifelong learning
  • 30:23 How organisations can embrace rapid change
  • 32:42 Lessons learned about people
  • 34:44 Thought leadership on future of work

Connect with Carrie at https://www.linkedin.com/in/grimescarrie

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