Episode 20 – Software innovation with Ed Kuzemchak

From growing up on a farm, to leading innovation in technology, Ed Kuzemchak joins us from Software Design Solutions in the United States of America. Ed founded Software Design Solutions and grew his company into becoming an IoT powerhouse providing consulting and development in software and hardware embedded systems.

Ed shares his views on the changing landscape of software solutions in the manufacturing, medical, industrial and defence sectors. The key discussions include:

The emerging importance in IoT data and predictive maintenance
Future of embedded systems, and its integration with cloud computing
Developing software with customers in an agile environment

Short on time? Jump to the section you’re most interested in below:

  • 2:55 Innovation in industrial technology and control
  • 4:55 How to prove ROI, and scale solutions
  • 8:40 Ed’s journey into Software solutions
  • 13:30 The cost of cutting edge technology, and its influence on modern and future solutions
  • 15:40 The challenges of being first to market
  • 18:45 Designing solutions with the customer
  • 23:50 Common data environments
  • 28:52 The future of Software Design Solutions

If you want to get in touch with Software Design solutions, you can find them at https://softwaredesignsolutions.com/

Connect with Ed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/edkuzemchak/

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