Episode 19 – Interviewing the Interviewer: Gav Talks Innovation in Sales

From his early days selling mobile phones in a shopping centre to Sales Lead (and podcast host) at RedEye, Gavin Tye has seen the sales landscape change dramatically over the years.

So for this episode of Innovation at Work, Alex from Gavin’s team cornered the man himself while on the road to see a client together in New Zealand (please excuse the road noise!). For the next 40 minutes, you will learn about innovation for salespeople all the way through to startups, scaleups, individuals and teams.

Short on time? Jump to the section you’re most interested in below:

  • 2:30 Innovation for salespeople
  • 6:00 Innovation for startups
  • 9:45 How RedEye innovates
  • 12:15 Finding your “why”
  • 15:15 Personal innovation
  • 19:14 Expanding into new markets
  • 20:44 Building a network
  • 21:40 Innovation in teams and culture
  • 30:33 Why we should innovate
  • 33:50 Innovation starts with individuals

Cool stuff we mentioned: 

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