Episode 28 – The influence culture has on innovation with Megan Harris

Episode 28 – The influence culture has on innovation with Megan Harris


Innovation is a cultural responsibility. To fulfil a vision, an entire organisation must move forward and learn lessons together to achieve success.

Whether it’s creating usable products or services, or building an inspired team and culture, Megan advocates that people are at the heart of everything we do. Megan has demonstrated these values throughout her career, and is currently transforming Bank of Queensland’s innovation initiatives by opening teams to become more agile, and to accelerate innovation through startup partnerships.

Short on time? Skip ahead to the below times:

0:34 – About Megan

3:09 – Bank of Queensland and Fintech innovation

4:42 – Innovating in Bank of Queensland

6:30 – Creating partnerships with startups

8:30 – How to change an internal culture to focus on innovation

14:50 – Failing and learning in the banking sector

16:48 – Approaching capability

21:10 – Collaborating with startups

25:43 – Challenges of having some parts of the business not being ready for innovation (different kind of risks involved)

27:45 – Lessons learned working with startups

30:49 – Value in a humanistic touch and communication

34:20 – Future of banking and disruption


Connect with Megan on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/megan-brand-harris-a3352720/

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