Episode 24 – The story so far with RedEye CEO Wayne Gerard (Part 2)

Episode 24 – The story so far with RedEye CEO Wayne Gerard (Part 2)

Joining Gav for part 2 of the conversation is RedEye CEO Wayne Gerard. Wayne continues the story of his journey so far, including his recruitment philosophy, what he would do differently, and the startup ecosystem.

For part 1 of the conversation, please visit the following link: https://redeyeco.wpengine.com/ep23-wayne-gerard-p1/


Short on time? Jump to the section you’re most interested in below:

0:00 – Hiring developing employees

1:49 – How RedEye’s recruitment has evolved

4:12 – Main differences between working in a startup vs established corporation

7:36 – How RedEye’s recruitment differs from other organisations

9:50 – Some of the lessons learned

15:20 – Understanding the client’s business models

17:10 – Giving back and connecting with people

18:18 – Startup ecosystem


Connect with Wayne: https://www.linkedin.com/in/waynegerard/

Chat to us at Redeye: https://wp-prodredeye.co/contact/


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