Episode 23 – The story so far with RedEye CEO Wayne Gerard (Part 1)

Episode 23 – The story so far with RedEye CEO Wayne Gerard (Part 1)

“Build with, not for” has always been the RedEye mantra. It has laid the foundation for a software solution that is transforming the way data is managed in critical infrastructure.

Joining Gav in the beautiful city of Istanbul, RedEye CEO Wayne Gerard tells us all about his journey so far, from his frustration at the lack of suitable solutions for asset owners, starting RedEye and the challenges and rewards that he’s experienced along the way.


Short on time? Jump to the section you’re most interested in below:

1:50 – Tech changes happening in critical infrastructure sectors

4:55  – The challenge of changing to digital engineering data management

8:10 – How to involve and consider the end-user

10:10 – Making enterprise software easier to adopt

13:30 – Helping customers become successful

15:14 – What made Wayne decide to start RedEye

19:48 – Forming a team to start RedEye

21:47 – The importance of culture

23:11 – Personal journey


Connect with Wayne: https://www.linkedin.com/in/waynegerard/

Chat to us at Redeye: https://wp-prodredeye.co/contact/


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