Saving the environment one coffee cup at a time

Saving the environment one coffee cup at a time

You might have a caffeine addiction and love coffee – we get it! But did you ever consider the impact of those takeaway cups and plastic lids are having on the environment? Australian’s throw away 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. They are fast becoming a major pollution hazard to the environment and the second largest contributor to litter after plastic bottles. Holy moley!

Now we don’t expect you to become an environmentalist and save the world… but you can reduce your impact a little each day and still enjoy your coffees.

Tips to reduce your environmental impact

Bust old habits and use your stylish RedEye keep cup

  • Reusable cups are an easy way to reduce landfill and help you save money.
  • A lot of cafés also offer a 50¢ discount for BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup). 50¢ X 5 times a week X 48 working weeks annually = $120 big savings!

Treat yourself

  • Don’t take away – sit down, sip your coffee and enjoy a friendly chat with a colleagues or café staff. Who doesn’t love a coffee meeting?

If you do use a disposable cup

  • Buy another keep cup – just joking – but who doesn’t love a stylish collection?
  • Refuse a lid if you don’t need it.
  • Ask for a takeaway cup made from renewable sources.
  • Pop the paper cup in a recycling bin, if recyclable.

Spread the word about the impact you’re making with your RedEye keep cup! Take a photo with your keep cup and tag us. 

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