Increase Safety and Efficiency with Data Deduplication

Increase Safety and Efficiency with Data Deduplication

Keeping the world’s assets operating with: Data Deduplication


Problem: Data Duplication 

84% of engineers surveyed reported sharing uncontrolled information via email, paper or other methods. This results in your valuable data and intellectual property being inadvertently duplicated across your extended workforce, with versions existing in email inboxes, desktops, lost USB sticks, and hidden in a pile of papers on site. As a result, over 70% of engineers cannot find the latest engineering drawing.   

RedEye has given our business the opportunity and support to take control of our drawings, reducing costs and enabling retention of our intellectual property. The quality in the system has increased the safety of our workers by ensuring the latest drawing is always available.”  


Danielle Dendle, Mining


The Consequences:  

  • Cannot quickly verify details in an emergency, increasing the frequency or severity of safety incidents.  
  • Increases time spent locating and verifying the correct data, reducing your organisation’s productivity and increasing downtime.  
  • Cannot check version history for disputes or audits, further decreasing productivity and increasing potential financial losses.  
  • Data is not suitable for digital transformation, slowing your capacity for innovation and efficiency. 

“Projects could span 30, 40 or 50 sheets. On one iPad they can access drawings at any time. Anything changes to that drawing happen in real-time. If an inspector makes a change or addition, I can see it in seconds from the office, engineering services can see it, development services can see it, and even our customers can have access to information.”


Robert Mayers, Engineering Inspections Supervisor, SNWA

The Solution:  

Clean, usable data is the key to optimising productivity, safety, and preparing your organisation for a successful digital transformation. Knowing where to find what you need when you need is imperative in an emergency or in the case of an audit. After adopting RedEye, our clients typically deduplicate their dataset by 70%.  

To avoid duplication, we have created dedicated Duplicate Checking and Clean-up Tools, which identify duplicate artefacts and ensure they’re either not uploaded, combined into new artefacts, or deleted accordingly.  

RedEye has significantly improved our access to the correct engineering drawings. It doesn’t matter where I am, in the office, in the field or in Mackay, I can access the most up to date drawing at any time from any device. RedEye’s ability to automate the process of updating drawings using its scanning and email function has made my job easier and saved a lot of downtime onsite. The ability for me to configure and gain control over as-built drawing workflows has allowed me to approve changes quickly and easily – reducing bottlenecks in our process.”  


Steven Phillis, previously Electrical Engineering Manager, BMA Peak Downs 

RedEye DMS was developed to provide a single source of truth for as-built engineering data: 

  • Access to your data anywhere, anytime. 
  • Log updates in real-time. 
  • Synchronises upon connection.  
  • Version control.  
  • Simplified search.  
  • Invite users into the data, rather than sending data out uncontrolled.  
  • Auditable version history of each document.  
  • Meta-data improvement.  
  • A common data environment, ensuring all data is in one place.
  • Automatically documents logs of all work, creating a history for disputes or audits.  


Use Case:  

Ok Tedi 

During project establishment and data improvement, RedEye de-duplicated and reduced the number of files from 900,000 to 165,000 – a reduction of 82%! Ok Tedi continues to utilise RedEye for uploading new project drawings and maintaining a reliable, up to date, duplicate-free dataset. 


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