Energy Networks Conference wrap up

Energy Networks Conference wrap up

The RedEye team has had a busy few weeks on the road! Most recently, Gav, Alex and Sarah were at the Energy Networks Australia Conference in Sydney on  Tuesday 5 to Thursday 7 June 2018.

The conference was a valuable time to spend with RedEye clients Powerlink, Snowy Hydro and SA Power Networks to listen to feedback and understand how they’re enjoying our solutions. Thanks everyone for popping by the RedEye booth to say hi!

We were pleased to hear Merryn York, Powerlink CE, and a number of the SA Power Networks team running sessions, including Brendon Hampton, Alida Jansen van Vuuran and Mark Vincent.

Sarah said “It’s fantastic to hear so much thought leadership in one place, generating real industry outcomes”.

“We’re pleased that RedEye’s solutions can help energy networks to lead grid transformation and drive increased safety and productivity.”

Alex with the Powerlink team, Ben Wu and Nicole Maguire. Competitive Ben won the RedEye competition with a impressive trigger finger time of 3.3 seconds.

A little serious…

And a little fun.

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